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    Chapter 1 in a single handy post. Chapter 2 coming sometime…

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    In-development indie game is a riot simulator based on real-world events - video embedded below:

    As the economical crisis advances, the discontent of an entire population cannot help but outburst in Riots, where the sounds of many voices get heard at once. The Director Leonard Menchiari has been experiencing this form of protest in person, and the game “RIOT” was born as a way to express it and to tell the stories of these fights. What is that triggers such a strife? What does a cop feel during the conflict? In “Riot”, the player will experience both sides of a fight in which there is no such thing as “victory” or “defeat”.

    The game is due to be released later this year.

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    Wow… look’s greaaat…. :D

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  • "Good writers hate bad writing but hating bad writing doesn’t make you good. Writing badly does."
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    Hannibal season 2

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